Driving Safely this Winter

Posted January 10, 2024
Driving in the snow may feel like second nature to many of us, especially those of us who grew up and learned to drive in Wisconsin. As a transplant living in Wisconsin, I can confidently say, there are plenty of folks who need a refresher.
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Home Health Care – Things You Should Know

Posted September 22, 2022
Home health care may be requested to give a patient the medical care they need without leaving the comfort of their own home for every visit.
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Parkinson’s Disease & Occupational Therapy

Posted April 21, 2022
There are many benefits to doing occupational therapy after a Parkinson's disease diagnosis.
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Guide to Lymphedema Treatment

Posted February 10, 2022
What is Lymphedema? Learn more about what it is, lymphedema treatment and how therapy can help below.
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Continuum of Care – What is it Really?

Posted November 9, 2021
Learn more about how healthcare professionals guide their patient's through their care journey.
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